Dear Valued Client,

By now you must have heard of the Bidvest Car Rental rebranding to Bluu Car rental.

In anticipation of the rebranding, we want to show you the simple steps to change the name and logo.

Step 1 : Simply open your Qmenu :

Step 2 : Use your right mouse button on your Carhire icon, you should get a command line :

Take note of the location where the Car hire is installed on. ( In our example, it is stored on the C: drive and Chv folder)

Step 3 : Time to save the Logo below, in this email to the folder that is specified on the command line as per above (Step 2).

Simply use your right mouse button on the Bluu Logo above, and select ” Save Image As”, alternatively follow this link :

Take care to save the Bluecar.jpg to the drive and folder that was shown on your command line. ( In our example it was stored on the C: drive and Chv folder)

Great job so far, you are almost there!

Time to change the actual settings in your Car hire module.

Step 4 : Simply open the car hire module by double-clicking on your Car hire icon in your Qmenu :

Car hire will now open.

Step 5 : Click on “SETUP”, and move down to open “Suppliers” :

Step 6 : Find ” Bidvest Car Rental” and click on “OPEN” to access the settings :

Time to make the final changes!

Step 7 : Simply replace ” Bidvest Car Rental ” with Bluu Car Rental, and don’t forget to change the Logo to the new logo you saved above :

Your changes should look similar to this (keep in mind you might have a different location for your logo as per the command line)

VoilĂ  you did it!!

Your vouchers will now be updated with the rebranded name and logo!

If you feel unsure and require any assistance, please contact our very helpful Support department on 011 451 9100 or email     

Best wishes,

QuickTrav Sales Team.