ADM / ACM Reasons

Many agencies are subjected to ADM’s / ACM’s. Windows invoicing now makes it possible to apply Reasons for the ADM/ACM that appear on your Bsp billing and entered into the system.

To activate this feature in the Invoicing module, click on, Setup – Company Tables, , Options. Expand the Header called “Line Items” and ensure that the is ticked. Remember to Save your settings.

To setup the ADM/ACM reasons:
Click on, Setup, Company Tables,

Click on to create a new ACM / ACM

Click on to open an existing ADM / ACM

Click on to delete an existing ADM / ACM Charge Reason

Click on to search through the existing list of ADM / ACM Charge Reasons
Click on to close the ADM / ACM Charge Reason screen

When selecting “New” or “Open” the following screen will appear to edit/change/complete:

Key Enter a unique Key for the Adm/Acm Charge Reason (May be alphanumeric)
Description Enter a short description of the Adm/Acm Charge Reason e.g. Invalid Fare Basis.