Regarding 1 July QuickTrav License Fees – 01/07/2020

Dear Client

On 1st April, 1st May and 1st June 2020 Quick Software applied up to 40% discount on QuickTrav License Fees. On 1st July this was increased by up to 50%. This discount is not a deferment of payment (as with other industries) but a permanent non-refundable discount and we hope that this will again provide some measure of relief.

A reminder that we are continuing to provide:

Please make use of this quiet time to update your training / QuickTrav knowledge at no charge.

Important Note: All staff who you may have temporarily laid-off during this period are also entitled to register for these sessions from home and we encourage all Agencies to advise them of such.

Additionally, we would like to encourage you to make use of the opportunity during this period to:

The situation remains dynamic and circumstances will dictate our actions going forward.

Please refer to our Website and Facebook page frequently for further announcements.

We wish all of our clients, their staff and their families well during these difficult and trying times. Stay safe.

The Quick Software Team

Note: You can access the Calendar  & registrations on our main page:

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